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Elementary Meal Program


A copy of the menu will be sent home each month with students and posted on the school’s website.  The menus are also published in the Gettysburg Times, The Evening Sun, and the Merchandiser


Meal Programs

Breakfast will be available for purchase everyday with the exception of 2-hour delays.  Students eligible for free and reduced price lunches may use the benefits for breakfast as well. 

There are 4 components to a school breakfast:

Fruit, juice, vegetable
Two servings of grains / breads OR
Two servings of meat / meat alternate OR
An equivalent combination of meat / meat alternate // grains / breads


There are 5 components to a school lunch:

Protein (Chicken, Hamburger, Deli Meats, and cheese on the Pizza, etc.)
Grain (Rolls, Pasta, Pizza Crust, etc.)
Fruit (Choose one fruit and one vegetable or two different fruits)
Vegetable (Choose one vegetable and one fruit or two different vegetables)