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Responsibility of Food Service

  • Provide food substitutions for students according to Medical Statement.  The school food service staff may not revise or change a diet prescription or medical order.
  • Provide training to cafeteria personnel on how to properly accommodate students with special dietary needs.  Maintain documentation of this training.
  • Communicate with parents, staff, and medical authorities regarding diet modifications.
  • Maintain Medical Statement on each student with a special dietary need.  Diet orders are not required to be renewed on a yearly basis, however, PDE recommends that you confirm, on a yearly basis, the diet order has not changed.  If there are any changes to the diet, a new Medical Statement is required.
  • If the school is opting to make a milk substitute available for non-disabling dietary needs, research products to ensure they meet the USDA nutrient standards for a milk substitute. Notify the Division of Food and Nutrition if you are making milk substitutes available for non-disabling special needs.